Welcome to our exciting new approach to helping professional actors make a living while enjoying their craft in a nurturing and creatively open environment. We present our first endeavor: TWeLfth NiGhT bend WHAT you WILL! To be captured on video and presented as webisodes! We are in need of funding for this project so that professional actors can be used as well as funding for production costs! We will shoot these webisodes using minimal sets and costuming. We will tell the complete story as written by William Shakespeare with no edits to the text and most importantly, we will BeND the genders as perhaps suggested by the playwright through his character’s preferences and as documented from theatrical history itself!
Please consider donating to this project as we are in need of funding. Take a look at our website at http://www.12thnight.info for the great incentives for donation we are offering! Visit http://www.paypal.com to donate and enter recipient name rockstarsissy@gmail.com – that’s me! Accepting donations for this project on behalf of myself and the cast & crew!

moving forward using the almost ancient!