How’s It Coming…Or Going?

Obstacle #1 – learning how to do what I want to do.

Obstacle #2 – a team member had reservations and couldn’t jump in! With hope I can bring clarity and expel the fears of fundraising from the rest of my team! I want my friends to benefit from my vision as well as to help bring it to fruition! I remember some of the episodes of first learning how to swim. It seemed that I was destined to drink water forever. That’s all I seemed to do in the pool…drink water. Water would go up my nose, I would get that scratchy pain in my nose and throat and cough and feel miserable. Soon though I was on the low dive being forced to jump off. I was like the kid who somehow managed to make it to 2nd grade when I should have been still in kindergarten when it came to swimming. This was probably a 3rd session of swim lessons and this time the teacher (a very fat huge big but kind of likeable light skinned black man) would not let me leave the class till I had jumped. I was not afraid of him since he was not scary, just firm. All the other kids had left. My mother was in the pool area waiting for me. She was silent as she usually was when someone else was commandeering my discipline. I was on the board at the Red Bank Y. I was a little cold, shivery. Before I got on the board the teacher (I wish I remembered his name) went on the low dive I was now on, and bent the board down almost to the water to do a perfect dive making the tiniest of splashes I had ever seen. His immense body pierced the water as he disappeared into the green dark abyss of the deep end. He was now wading and treading telling me to jump. He promised me my head would not even go under the water. I was doubtful. He said it again. “You won’t even get your head under!” He was there to save me if I needed to be saved. Boom! I jumped! Crash! The water parted from my cutting arms. My head remained above! I couldn’t believe it. I did it. I jumped into the deep end…off the diving board…that stretched out over the deep end…knowing that I would only end up above water.

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