Strumstick Will Be Featured In Our Project!

We needed an instrument that would be easy to learn and play where one could sing along to it…so comes along the strumstick! My sister had told me years ago about this instrument she had seen at a music festival that was so enjoyable to listen to. I hadn’t gotten around to getting one mostly because my interest was focused on the guitar and the cost was a bit much for a novelty item. HOWEVER, now there was a need. What other choice would there be when we need to teach a non-musician how to play it…this challenge is still yet to actually be experienced but we are hoping to make it all happen easily. So we decided on the strumstick…purportedly easy to learn and play. This was our answer! Our budget is zero…sniff sniff boohoo. I decided, with my brilliance, that seems to only happen late at night, to contact strumstick directly and see if they would sponsor our production with one of their strumsticks! I love connecting with people in this way. I’ve learned that most people like to give. It feels good to give when you know you will make someone’s day exciting, fun or happy. I learned this when I was fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with my involvement with Team-In-Training. I had this small giant goal and people’s donations helped me get there. I think everyone who gave found it exciting to see me succeed in this and I found it exciting too. It brought me together with people who I knew cared for me…even from a distance. Well!!!! Strumstick agreed!!!!!!!! They share my spirit! They are kindred spirits. This is what I am aiming for in my vision with my associate in this endeavor: like mindedness. Fun, happy, exciting, accomplishing, obstacle hurdlings…makes me think of that trendy saying about yes coming after no…well, I’ve only heard a few no’s so far…but this was a big yes. I got my strumstick in the mail and started playing…next challenge….putting my songs to work on it. How nice and amazing. Please consider donating to this project…we have some fun incentives and we will add even more as we are still building upon our concept and constructing the website as we go along. Check out we are accepting donations at yeay!


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