Rehearsals & Scheduling

Rehearsals are so much fun! Scheduling is extremely time consuming and not something I am good at doing. I planned for a 2 month rehearsal process so that cast members could continue with their jobs and have time to memorize and have good understanding of the text. I am still dealing with possible replacements. But my idea of having this 2 months rehearsal process is proving to be very wise. We are almost one month into rehearsal and are all making good headway into this play! I become more and more amazed by the talent in the group. I wish some cast members would show up more often as it is extremely difficult to focus on the scene when I have to block another actor who has shown up do do their part as well as the part of someone who has not shown up for rehearsal. I am going to have to go back to my original type of scheduling which was scene based rather than trying to run blocks of scenes. I had some obstacle face me today regarding using the rehearsal room but was able to kind of diplomatically go by the rules and assist the person challenging me to see how I was applying the rules of the room correctly and in my favor. I’m gravely worried about my partner’s availability and accessibility as well as involvement in general. Perhaps that will resolve itself soon.

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