We have 2 amazing Backers so far!!!!

How exciting!!! I have to do a little better with getting the word out about this project!!! www.12thnight.info is where everyone is going to help make this project as amazing as possible! I also contacted a dress company who said they could get me a renaissance dress for free for one of the characters! Can’t wait to see it come in the mail! I also was able to secure shirts at a discounted rate (still a pretty penny but very worth it in exchange for credit at the end of each episode). I feel very alone on the production end right now with only my husband pulling through for me in every loose ends way. We attended a few classes at public access to try and secure equipment in the future – sound and lights perhaps. I’m happiest when I am acting (naturally) and watching the blocking make sense with the action and the characters. I can’t wait to start filming! I rehearsed the sea captain the other day. He is a separate character from the rest of the cast so he gets a separate rehearsal and film date. He was off book already! After a few takes I was ready to film…I can’t wait to do that!

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