We have 2 amazing Backers so far!!!!

How exciting!!! I have to do a little better with getting the word out about this project!!! www.12thnight.info is where everyone is going to help make this project as amazing as possible! I also contacted a dress company who said they could get me a renaissance dress for free for one of the characters! Can’t wait to see it come in the mail! I also was able to secure shirts at a discounted rate (still a pretty penny but very worth it in exchange for credit at the end of each episode). I feel very alone on the production end right now with only my husband pulling through for me in every loose ends way. We attended a few classes at public access to try and secure equipment in the future – sound and lights perhaps. I’m happiest when I am acting (naturally) and watching the blocking make sense with the action and the characters. I can’t wait to start filming! I rehearsed the sea captain the other day. He is a separate character from the rest of the cast so he gets a separate rehearsal and film date. He was off book already! After a few takes I was ready to film…I can’t wait to do that!

Rehearsals & Scheduling

Rehearsals are so much fun! Scheduling is extremely time consuming and not something I am good at doing. I planned for a 2 month rehearsal process so that cast members could continue with their jobs and have time to memorize and have good understanding of the text. I am still dealing with possible replacements. But my idea of having this 2 months rehearsal process is proving to be very wise. We are almost one month into rehearsal and are all making good headway into this play! I become more and more amazed by the talent in the group. I wish some cast members would show up more often as it is extremely difficult to focus on the scene when I have to block another actor who has shown up do do their part as well as the part of someone who has not shown up for rehearsal. I am going to have to go back to my original type of scheduling which was scene based rather than trying to run blocks of scenes. I had some obstacle face me today regarding using the rehearsal room but was able to kind of diplomatically go by the rules and assist the person challenging me to see how I was applying the rules of the room correctly and in my favor. I’m gravely worried about my partner’s availability and accessibility as well as involvement in general. Perhaps that will resolve itself soon.


I just want this project done! That’s how I approach most of the things I want to get done. I want it over, in the can, done, edited, uploaded, distribution, reactions. Auditions…I must have lost a few pounds doing this. Callbacks weren’t as bad. Auditions are very necessary and so are callbacks. Each legitimize the project and legitimize the actor. And when they were completed I was happy to begin directing. But then they weren’t done because some people left the project, became unavailable, couldn’t commit. So the stress of this process never came to a close for me…it went on. I had to revisit the experience. I loved so many actors who came. Some decisions were very hard and I learned what it meant to say “we went another way”. Choices of energy in a person. Some energies are great. Others are almost there. And others, are great but not my energy and may lead to issues. Focus on the goal and hope these energies focus on the goal so that conflicting energies only see the goal and don’t conflict for the sake of that goal. I could never be a casting director. Why cast and then not work with what you have cast? That is the only way to see the process come to fruition. Since I am directing, I could only be the casting director. I can see not picking the people to bring in but for darn sure I’d have to be there and pick who is cast myself, lead the adjustments during the audition process. My eyes glued at all times to the auditioner, watching and waiting to see the element of attachment of self to the words and also the character. Will either be there instantly or appear in glimmers that inform me that the actor is workable, and hope that the actor will be open to being workable. Regretfully forgetting to ask the actor questions that inform me of their character, their flexibility of mind, disposition. Hope that those who are not my friends I have cast will be best. So great to cast myself. So great to master my own project so that I can help others as I help myself. This is the little engine that could. Still an engine, even though it is little. And I can tell you one thing, this ain’t no caboose.

Strumstick Will Be Featured In Our Project!

We needed an instrument that would be easy to learn and play where one could sing along to it…so comes along the strumstick! My sister had told me years ago about this instrument she had seen at a music festival that was so enjoyable to listen to. I hadn’t gotten around to getting one mostly because my interest was focused on the guitar and the cost was a bit much for a novelty item. HOWEVER, now there was a need. What other choice would there be when we need to teach a non-musician how to play it…this challenge is still yet to actually be experienced but we are hoping to make it all happen easily. So we decided on the strumstick…purportedly easy to learn and play. This was our answer! Our budget is zero…sniff sniff boohoo. I decided, with my brilliance, that seems to only happen late at night, to contact strumstick directly and see if they would sponsor our production with one of their strumsticks! I love connecting with people in this way. I’ve learned that most people like to give. It feels good to give when you know you will make someone’s day exciting, fun or happy. I learned this when I was fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society with my involvement with Team-In-Training. I had this small giant goal and people’s donations helped me get there. I think everyone who gave found it exciting to see me succeed in this and I found it exciting too. It brought me together with people who I knew cared for me…even from a distance. Well!!!! Strumstick agreed!!!!!!!! They share my spirit! They are kindred spirits. This is what I am aiming for in my vision with my associate in this endeavor: like mindedness. Fun, happy, exciting, accomplishing, obstacle hurdlings…makes me think of that trendy saying about yes coming after no…well, I’ve only heard a few no’s so far…but this was a big yes. I got my strumstick in the mail and started playing…next challenge….putting my songs to work on it. How nice and amazing. Please consider donating to this project…we have some fun incentives and we will add even more as we are still building upon our concept and constructing the website as we go along. Check out www.12thnight.info we are accepting donations at rockstarsissy@gmail.com yeay!


How’s It Coming…Or Going?

Obstacle #1 – learning how to do what I want to do.

Obstacle #2 – a team member had reservations and couldn’t jump in! With hope I can bring clarity and expel the fears of fundraising from the rest of my team! I want my friends to benefit from my vision as well as to help bring it to fruition! I remember some of the episodes of first learning how to swim. It seemed that I was destined to drink water forever. That’s all I seemed to do in the pool…drink water. Water would go up my nose, I would get that scratchy pain in my nose and throat and cough and feel miserable. Soon though I was on the low dive being forced to jump off. I was like the kid who somehow managed to make it to 2nd grade when I should have been still in kindergarten when it came to swimming. This was probably a 3rd session of swim lessons and this time the teacher (a very fat huge big but kind of likeable light skinned black man) would not let me leave the class till I had jumped. I was not afraid of him since he was not scary, just firm. All the other kids had left. My mother was in the pool area waiting for me. She was silent as she usually was when someone else was commandeering my discipline. I was on the board at the Red Bank Y. I was a little cold, shivery. Before I got on the board the teacher (I wish I remembered his name) went on the low dive I was now on, and bent the board down almost to the water to do a perfect dive making the tiniest of splashes I had ever seen. His immense body pierced the water as he disappeared into the green dark abyss of the deep end. He was now wading and treading telling me to jump. He promised me my head would not even go under the water. I was doubtful. He said it again. “You won’t even get your head under!” He was there to save me if I needed to be saved. Boom! I jumped! Crash! The water parted from my cutting arms. My head remained above! I couldn’t believe it. I did it. I jumped into the deep end…off the diving board…that stretched out over the deep end…knowing that I would only end up above water.