Production Needs

The Following are Essential for our Project to Happen!!

–Costume Needs: Medieval Shirts for the male characters…probably will buy from Etsy if costume bartering doesn’t happen, Olivia’s Mourning Costume including black veil, Olivia’s Wedding Dress, Malvolio’s Sobering Outfit, Priest’s Outfit, Feste’s Faux Priest Outfit and Beard, Yellow Stockings, Garters, Wig for Sebastian, Wig for Aguecheek, Waist Purses, Locket, Rings, Men’s Tights, Pantaloon Pants or Tunics for each Male Character, Maria’s Chemise, Maria’s Outfit

–A D.P.: That is, a Director of Photography. Necessary for each scene to be captured with optimal light design.

–A Camera Operator: Necessary for when Catherine or Nick are not behind the camera since they will be acting in their scenes

–Sound Operators: Boom, Lavalier techs, mixers…

–Sound Equipment: Lavaliers, shot gun mics, booms, mixers, cables, etc..

–Props: Swords, Coins

–Instruments: Tabor & Strumstick (Strumstick acquired by generous donation from !!!!!!!!!

–Locations and location permissions

–Furniture if missing from locations

–Travel stipends for the cast and crew

–Marketing and promotion (website hosting)

–Postage/shipping, and entrance fees for New Media festivals

–Meals and craft service for the cast and crew

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